Sunday, November 9, 2008

Family death dates and ages...

There is something very odd, in my family, about death dates. And ages. Everyone tends to die at, or close to, 82. And people have a habit of dying on or very near birthdays.

My mother’s grandmother, Mama Anne, died December 18, 1973, at the age of 82.

She died on the birthday of her daughter, Aurelia, who was also 82 when she died in 1993.

Mama Anne’s son, LaRue, was also 82 when he died, on his own birthday, August 8th, in 1998.

And I just discovered that LaRue’s wife, Corinne, died on August 7th, 1993, a day before LaRue’s birthday, at the age of 81.

I guess I should get my affairs in order roundabout age 80. What do you think?

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Paul Raeburn said...

Corinne somehow lost a year...doesn't seem fair. Otherwise, the coincidences are amazing.